Dice 'n' Disasters

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Welcome Disaster Children, to the Dice'n'Disasters Podcast Website.

Dice'n'Disasters is a collection of TTRPG players from a variety of locales, who come together through the magic of the internet* to play a game. Our games are a bit chaotic and definitely disastrous, but at least they're fun, and now they're set to be accessible to you dear consumer, also through the magic of the internet*.

Our current campaign, DnDisaster Story: Skydaddy is Watching stars a cast of ridiculous but fun characters in a homebrew world. Featured so far have been: Cross-dressing Goblins, late watch Philosophy chats, bedazzled potatoes, moist bushes, Cat-Shit salespersons, and more! As you may gather from the content and campaign title, this is definitely an adult-rated game.

DnDisaster Story is available as a podcast on a platform accessible through some sort of listening device. We try not to judge you based on your choice of listening device.

This Podcast is Currently on Hiatus as we assess the issues around WoTC/OGL/etm. We'll Keep you updated as we can!

*please note the semi-sarcasm it's just Discord and Roll20

Meet the Disasters

Dawn Wolf

Player of Brussalyn, dwarf warlock, and the Disaster behind the screen for our Instagram account.

Artist and creator of web comic Zombie Ranch.

You can also find her at ArtofDawn.com & on Instagram @artofdawn

Clint Wolf

Player of Argleblarg, bugbear monk.

Writer and Co-Creator of web comic Zombie Ranch.


Player of *Quill Scratching Noises* or "Scritch", kenku warlock.

Drakku can also be found on Twitter @drakku, Twitch /Drakku3690, and Instagram @omg_drakku.


Player of Barbie, dragonborn paladin.

To be, or not to be...covered in flowers.


Player of Brildr, half-orc rogue.

Possibly affiliated with the poltergeist in the attic. Yet to be proven. More info to come.


Player of Sylmaris, firbolg fighter.

It's all in the tufts man...

Evani/Evi - DM

Hi, I'm Evi, DisasterDM for the group of chaos gremlins.

I'm generally the one that runs our Twitter account. I'd offer links to my other works, but why make things easy for you?

*failed stealth check*

The *failed stealth check*, also known as the behind the scenes sounding board and co-conspirator when Evi needs to rant about the Disasters and her plans for them...