...the Characters

Brussalyn Yornhulda Berylheart

Brussalyn Yornhulda Berylheart Stormthane is a Dwarf noblewoman who is excited to experience life as an adventurer. She believes she is at an away camp to learn the tips and tricks of being a hero - and also hopes see the world and make friends.

Hobbies include: Writing letters, reading romance novels by the halfling author Scarlet Bunce, learning new things from Brildr, being baffled by the "social customs" surrounding root vegetables, disliking Mardam, and loving her parents.


Brildr is a half-orc mercenary (*rogue*) who is mistakenly considered the common sense of the group, and by some to be the "Adventuring Counselor"... she does not necessarily agree to either title.

As of yet it has not been proven if she is the one responsible for the Potato debacle.

*Quill scratching noises*

Best Birb.
Quill or "Scritch" is a young kenku warlock that has somehow become the most intimidating party member - even to the other members of the group. His past is a bit of a mystery, at least to most of those who adventure with him, but perhaps the secrets to that lie somewhere within his peculiar red book.



Huge and hairy, crook-eared, with long arms ending in wicked claws and yellow eyes that shine in the dark at the edge of firelight. Arg is a bugbear, a race infamous for crude domination and sudden and stealthy murder, and that's an intimidating thing to be for first impressions.

Look past that, though, and you'll find a more serene individual than your average monstrous brigand. Humbly dressed, barefoot and armed with little more than a spade, his belly is ample and his height often impaired by a slouching posture. Given his dark russet fur and rounded frame, some might even be reminded of a giant-sized teddy bear, and his often thoughtful and sometimes borderline sleepy demeanor could lead to reassessment of threat as "not so much."

Both of these impressions may well be a terrible mistake.


Sylmaris the Wanderer is a firbolg descendant of the First Tribes. Young in body, he's just entered adulthood at the age of 55 and stands at seven-and-a-half feet tall. Sylmaris is naïve in the ways of the world and with what would be normal social interaction outside of his lost tribe. He's suffered great personal loss for such a young age, and now lives the life of a mercenary, taking jobs he believes to fall within the Firbolg Code.

His hobbies include: Searching for a new tribe, communing with the forest, sharing food (like wild potatoes!) with his friends, hating black dragons, and most recently having nightmares about evil moist bushes.


Driphac Suriel is a silver dragonborn paladin whose scales have a purple hue in some lighting. She earned the nickname of Barbie when, as a young whelp, she fell into a thorny bush trying to pick flowers. Her origins are largely a mystery, as she was hatched and raised among the fey. Barbie grew up in a secret forest grove, guarded by a community of mystic Elves. There were no other dragonborn within the grove, though the elves taught her Draconic, and some few things about her race.

She's only fifteen, barely an adult, and stands about 6'3" - a little on the short side, not that she would know. This is her first time leaving the woods. She's a kind soul, falls in love easily, and likes to have flowers woven into her head spikes. She felt drawn to adventure, and this was an opportunity that she could not pass up.